Thursday, July 21, 2011

Movies and Vacation!

Ok, you are just going to have to work with me here.  I promise those two things will be connected by the end of this post...just stick with me.

Last year, the King took me on a surprise vacation.  Well, I knew we were going.  Then I knew WHERE we were going.  Then a few weeks before the trip, I discovered what a liar everyone I know is.  Where I thought we were going was NOT where we were going.  Are you still with me?  Let me back up....every 5 years the King and I take a trip (no kiddoes) for our anniversary.  Last year was 10 years and he planned a killer trip.  He worked on it for a year.  I knew he was planning it...then on Christmas I got guide books for our destination.  We were cruising Route 66 all the way to sunny CA and staying on the beach for a few days before cruising back.  I was so excited about the drive.  I was a little excited about California and the beach.  We poured over the guide books.  He showed me the resort where we were staying in California.  I was more excited about California!  :) Then he made me get a bikini (A BIKINI) for the beach.  I was less excited about California. Then about 6 weeks before the trip, I discovered that although part of that was true it was not ALL true.  We were in fact cruising Route 66...but we were not going all the way to California.  (No need for a bikini- Whew!)  We were stopping at the Grand Canyon and riding mules to the bottom.  We got to stay overnight at Phantom Ranch a the bottom of the Grand was AMAZING!  And WAY better than laying on the beach in California.*  And we both loved Route 66.  We stayed in only mom and pop motels.  We ate at only mom & pop restaurants.  It was so much fun!!

*I'm not sure what it says about me that I would much much rather ride a mule (whose name was Ted Bundy) for 2 days along cliff faces that drop I don't even know how far, in the cold and RAIN than wear a bikini on a beach in California.  But if I had to chose I would NOT have chosen a bikini.  

Now, I am sure you are wondering where the movie part of this post ties in.  I'm ready to tell you.  And although I often feel or have felt a lot like the Griswold's when on a trip this is not the connection this time.  This time he was "inspired" by Cars (the movie) to drive down Route 66.**  We wanted to find all the little things that inspired the places and characters on Cars...and we did.  It was great.

**More people should do this.  Route 66 is a wonderful part of American history that is dying.  Businesses are closing.  Restaurants are shutting their doors, motels have weeds growing up through the sidewalks.  Whole towns are becoming ghost towns because people hit the interstate and drive on by.  We stopped anywhere that suited our fancy.  We talked to people (both who owned the business and other travelers) and never met a rude person.  Melba in Kansas was a force to be reckoned with and EVERYONE needs to meet her (she owns the truck that inspired Mater).  So go see Route 66...before there is nothing left to see.

Ok, back to the regular scheduled programming.  Recently, the whole family went to the theater (cha-ching!) to see Cars 2.  It was another great (and hopefully inspiring) Pixar movie and we really enjoyed it.  The Page sat on the edge of his movie seat the whole time.  He may have been totally "into" the movie or he may have just been trying to avoid being folded up in the chair.  I enjoyed it a lot.  You see, in Cars 2, they go to Tokyo, London, and somewhere in Italy.  So I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to our trip in 4 years....I mentioned it to him yesterday and he smiled great big.  He may have been laughing at me for suggesting it...but I am choosing to believe that he smiled knowingly while thinking "I'm on it!"

So, here is to children's movies that my kids love and that inspire the King to plan awesome vacations for us.

Maybe, while in Tokyo, London, or Italy I will get to become an international spy.  Because apparently, I wanna be just like Mater.  I'm not sure how the King would feel about that.  :)

幸せな旅行!, Happy Travels, and Corse felici!  Just practicing my Japanese, English, and Italian.  :)

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