Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Monday 7-25-11

So last weeks menu was almost completely a bust.  The King worked from  home 2 day (which as much as I love him totally messes up my groove).  Then we got invited for a playdate and lunch at a friends house and another playdate and dinner at another friends house.  Then the kids begged to not have pizza (!!!!) because it was so hot...they just wanted salad.  Who was I to argue with that?  It was HOT!!

Since it has been so hot, I planned this menu to cook on the stovetop, in the crockpot or out on the grill.  No oven (except for baking bread today).  

So this is what we are eating this week. 

cinnamon sugar toast ala The Pioneer Woman
Grandma's Oatmeal
fruit and yogurt (bought fresh peaches from a road side stand)
English muffins
coffee cake

tacos (leftover from last week)
leftover Enhchiladas
english muffin & egg sandwiches

tuna burgers with veggies/dip & chips
slow cooker Enchiladas
Hamburger Hot Pot
BLT pasta
grilled pizza
hot dogs, chips, deviled eggs

I am planning to post recipes for several of these recipes this week.  Several are new and the BLT pasta I am going to actual measure stuff when I make it so that I can write the recipe.  I have always just dumped stuff together for that one.  :)

What are you eating this week?

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