Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Boy!


Yesterday, November 6th, my littlest guy turned FOUR!  Really!?!?!?  How did he turn four?  But he did and we had birthday pizza with a chocolate cake appetizer.  The rest of his little family party did not go well since our well ran dry and the King had to go haul water.  Oh, the joys of living in the country on a well.  Sigh.  But he liked his cake and his pizza and his gifts. 

I got lots of chances to get photos of him blowing out his candle since he missed 4 times.  Finally, he got it out with some secretive assistance from me.  Of course, at that point he had covered pretty much every square inch of cake with spit.  We ate it anyway.  It was chocolate with YUMMY homemade icing!  (the cake was homemade too and unlike a certain infamous chocolate birthday cake I made a few years ago, it did NOT taste like cardboard!)

It is still just really hard for me to believe that he is four.  I miss my baby boy.  He is getting so big and growing such a personality.  It is sometimes a whiney personality but so is mine so, whatever.  He makes us smile every day with his silliness and I love him more every day!!!

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