Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crafters ADD!

It is no secret that I love doing crafts.  I wish I loved doing them with my children but that is truly another blog post (and one I should probably do and then work on).  Anyway, I am talking about crafting ADD (which is oddly appropriate since I haven't been able to stay on topic for more than one sentence at a time so far).

I have been an avid scrapbooker and I still would enjoy it, I think, if I ever got it out.  All three of our children have elaborate scrapbooks up to a certain age and then it is like I threw up my hands and quit which is essentially exactly what I did.  Scrapbooking takes so much space and makes such a mess and you just can't do it little bits at a time.  When Baby Sister gets here...I plan to do a scrapbook for her of her first year which is how long I scrapbooked for Griffin.  Then I will hopefully be able to keep up a family scrapbook that they can all fight over when I die.  I just can't keep individual ones up anymore.

Recently, I've been sewing.  I started with purses and crayon rolls and really loved doing them.  I sewed a BUNCH of  them because of a craft booth I did earlier this fall.  I also made pie plate/brownie pan carriers.  The booth went well and I was able to sell several.  I am so over sewing those purses and crayon rolls.  There are only so many times I can do the same thing over again apparently.

Now I'm doing more craft shows (thank you holiday shoppers) and I need to make sure my booth is filled up.  It would be smart to make more of what I already know...but where is the fun in that.  For the one this past weekend, my mom and I made Christmas ornaments...they did not sell very well so I am not making any more of those.  So.... I am making crocheted hats and headbands (and they are AWESOME!)  And I am making little girl hairbows.  And I am working on some different styles of bags.  I found directions for hairbow making online (posted that last week) and I am having a blast doing it.  I also have been finding crochet directions and help and I LOVE it!  I am not exceedingly great at reading a pattern but making it up as I go has been working well so far and I am learning.  :)  I just need to work on my sizing and learn how to gauge that better.  But if my baby hat ends up being a hat sized for tweens (or even adults)...where is the harm in that?  It is still a stinkin cool hat!  Right?  Right?!?!?!

I still have more fabric than anyone should really have in their house but I will get through it too.  I am going to have to sew a few things for this booth.  I want to make sure it is full since it is 3 days long.  I have just under a month to figure things I am going to be busy.  But I love to craft!  And being able to personally help plump up the adoption account makes me feel great.  There is so little I can do that each craft booth makes me feel so...useful.  :) So if you live in my area and you want to swing by a craft show the second weekend in December....keep an eye on this blog and I'll give you lots of details as the time gets closer.  Also I'll be posting pics of finished products between now and then so you can see a sampling of what I am making. 

Of course, cleaning my house is also useful but way less fun!  And it gets messed up in about 5 minutes anyway so no one even notices I did it most of the time.

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