Monday, November 7, 2011

This Weeks Menu!

So this menu was challenging.  Why?  Because I am completely and totally out of flour after tonight's supper.  Since I also do not buy bread and very few bread products, choices are limited.  I should be able to go to Beachy's and get flour early next week.  Until then, we've got to be a little creative.  Creativity isn't a bad thing.  It means I will use up things that need to be used up and will be able to start with a "clean" slate in the pantry and fridge...theoretically.   So, this is what we're eating this week.

Sun- coffee cake
Mon-biscuits n gravy
Tues- Fruit & yogurt
Wed- oatmeal
Thurs-banana bread (that I baked last week and put in the freezer)
Fri- cereal
Sat-  Baked oatmeal

leftover pizza
egg & biscuit sandwich
leftover tacos
fruity lunch
the rest I will play by ear....aka I have no ideas 

Sun- birthday pizza and cake
Mon- fish and fries
Tues- tacos
Wed - Thanksgiving dinner at awana
Thurs - beef stew
Fri- chef salad
Sat- chili

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