Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kids Crafting!

My last post was about my crafting ADD and I mentioned briefly that I don't really enjoy crafting with my kids...then we had Thanksgiving at my mom's and I saw the napkins rings we made with their handprints 2 (or 3) years ago.  And I was embarrassed and a little sad that I had stopped doing those things.  Those will be cherished trinkets someday.  So I decided that although I enjoy crafting as my "me time" a lot I need to do crafts with them as well.

So before I went to Hobby Lobby, google and I spent some quality time together.  I found several Christmas craft projects to do this month.  I bought the supplies (and some extras) at Hobby Lobby and we are going to decorate their own special tree that we set up in the school room.  Some crafts are simple and geared for the little guy who is just 4.  Others are more complex and geared for the Prince (who is 8).  We'll all do them together though and I'll post pics when we are done.

Another thing that we are going to do each week is BAKE!  I bake often...I enjoy it.  But I have stopped baking with the kids often and that is a shame.  So yesterday we started with some cookies from our "If you give a mouse a cookie" book.  The Prince read the recipe (I helped with the fractions), little guy stirred, and Knight did all the measuring and pouring.  The cookies turned out great!!! 

Tomorrow Ordinary Hero is starting a Grant Contest!  We will be prepared to hear all about it...more than once.  :)

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