Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ordinary Hero! (or a little Christmas shopping suggestion/sales pitch) :)

We are affiliates of a wonderful shop called Ordinary Hero! They have all kinds of great stuff!  Anything from t-shirts or sweatshirts or onesies to jewelry handmade by women in Africa.  You can even buy a goat to help feed 40 hungry children in Africa or buy shoes and a raincoat or children's school supplies.  There are Christmas gifts for everyone on your list and things that show your children ways to "give back."  AND if you shop there and click on our name when you checkout, 40% of your purchase price will go directly to our adoption agency to help cover our adoption costs.  So you can not only "change the world for one" but you can change the world for many. 

I am asking that as you do your Christmas shopping that you keep this shop in mind.  I have one of their t-shirts and I love it and wear it all the time.  At the beginning of December (from Dec1 to Dec 11) they will be having a grant contest.  The person (or often 3 top sellers) who sells the most between those 2 dates will get an extra $500 (that is what it usually is).  We are going to try for this grant.  So if you find something you like and are able to wait and place your order on Dec 1, that would help us win this grant!!!  If you can't wait, we would still really appreciate your order and support!  And no worries, I will be reminding and reminding and reminding on those 10 days!!!!!

Thank you for your support!  And Happy Christmas Shopping!!!

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