Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First this Fall!

We heat our home primarily with a wood stove.  And it has gotten just chilly enough to light the first fire of the season.  It is a small one since it really isn't cold yet and we would like to be able to stay in the house.*

*Wood heat is HOT...it is nearly a tradition in our house to have a fire going and the sliding door open on most winter holidays including Christmas and New Years.  And I never ever pack up all of our shorts and tank tops cause we will use them year round.

I love the smell and the sounds of a fire crackling in the stove.  It just screams warm and cozy to me.  Now I wish I had some hot apple cider or maybe mulled wine to sip and enjoy the flames this evening.  Lots of evenings with a fire in the woodstove left for that this year.

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