Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my summer weakness

So I have already established that fall is my favorite season...except when it is spring and then I like Spring best.  I tolerate the heat and humidity of summer and the frigid, snow and ice in winter.  But even my least favorite seasons (currently being summer since it just ended) hold at least one thing that I just love!  Winter's is soup and sledding and ice skating on our pond.  (Ok so that is technically three, sue me.) 

In summer, I enjoy lazy days at the pond and cooking over a campfire.  My favorite campfire food is .....roasted marshmallows.  Marshmallows are just little bite size bits of pure pleasure, when they are roasted correctly.  There is nothing quite like a marshmallow roasted to perfection.  Now I realize there is contention on the perfect way to roast a marshmallow.  The King insists on charring them black.  Now, I can appreciate the value in totally blackening a hot dog on a campfire but NEVER ever doing that to a marshmallow.  I am a fan of the s'more (come on, really, who isn't).  But for roasted marshmallow perfection, you have to cook it slowly, so that it turns goopy all the way through the marshmallow.  There should be nothing solid in there.  I should be able to mush it with my tongue (and singe off every tastebud in one swift move).  And it should be golden...not too dark but a nice caramel color.  YUM!  Now this can only be achieved with patience over the perfect marshmallow fire.  And my dad can build the perfect marshmallow fire.

However, it is fall.  And campfires are coming to a close for the season so I am making due with my cheap alternative to the perfect roasted marshmallow.  And I am "roasting" them like this....

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
It a  pale shadow to what a roasted marshmallow should be but it will suffice until I am able to stick some marshmallows in hot cocoa after coming in from an afternoon sledding with my kids.  :)

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