Saturday, October 15, 2011


my new favorite toy!  I've been wanting one for a while but the King wanted to wait till we could pay cash for it.  Well, it went on sale last weekend PLUS I had a coupon PLUS there was a rebate so I convinced him that this was a great time to go for it!!!  So Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! 
This is now sitting happily on my kitchen counter.  :)
And I am just fine with this being my gift for all those is a gift that just keeps giving...till I have to get a bigger size pants.  :)

So far this week, my new mixer and I (I think I need to name her-any suggestions?) have made chocolate chip cookies, English muffins, and the most beeyoutiful bread bowls ever.  Tonight she is helping me with the corny outside of some corn dogs.  And so far neither one of us has broken a sweat.  I LOVE her! 

The rebate is for either a glass bowl (pshaw, I don't need that!) or the food grinder attachment (ding! ding! ding! that's what I want) so in about 8 weeks, we'll be grating cheese, making bread crumbs, and who knows what else.  I, honestly, don't really know what else that attachment will do but I just found a spinach garlic dip on their website that I think MUST be tried!! 

The extra little bonus is that when I got her home, I needed make a special place of honor on the counter for her so ALL of my kitchens counters got emptied, cleaned, put back again nicely.  Win/win if you ask me!!!

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