Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lights Out!!!

Playing some Chuck It Chicken during our black out last week.
Last week a little storm blew through our neighborhood.  Living where we do, it takes a lot to get us worked up about a storm and this one didn't freak us out at all.  There was some lightning (so I was very grateful when my little hunter man got home) but other than that it was just some rain.  After the storm passed though, our power just went out.  Usually, we get a few flickers before we lose it altogether...but not this time.  We got a few candles lit in the school room where the woodstove is and planned to tough it out like we usually do. 

Shane and the kids played Chuck It Chicken and I read a magazine by candlelight.  It gave me a lot more respect for those pioneers who toughed it out with no power ever.  It is no wonder they went to bed when the sun went down.  HA!  The power was only out for about an hour and came back on just in time to go to bed.  Guess it was a good "breaking in" for winter storms this year.  Last winter, the doozy ice storm left us powerless for a day or so...but others were out MUCH longer.  Now I have a list for getting ready...more candles and flashlight batteries are at the top of that list.

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